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Do you want your dog to be clean, fresh & flea free?

For dog owners keeping their pet healthy & happy involves regular exercise, routine visits to your vet and proper pet grooming.

Best Friends Bath House offers the ultimate in convenience. When your ready for a stress free dog grooming process, we’re here to assist our residents in Dalby, Chinchilla, Jandowae & Bell.

Dog washing should be performed every two - four weeks to keep your dog happy & healthy. A hydrobath will remove dirt, fleas & other debris. If you don’t simply have the time to provide a thorough bath, Best Friends Bath House will come to you. Every dog is unique, so we tailor every dog wash plan to the needs of each dog. 

Best Friends Bath House can provide the ultimate experience for your family member without the use of drying cages and long waits in small areas of confinement.

All that is required is access to water and electricity.

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