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Mobile dog grooming

With Best Friends Bath House, your dog will enjoy...

  • Mobile Dog Wash: A warm fresh water dog wash using environmentally friendly flea kill solutions in a Hydrobath will clean your dogs coat and relieve skin problems and improve coat condition.
  • Brushing: A massaging brush to loosen your dogs coat & remove light matting.
  • Nail Clipping: Will ensure your dogs feet are kept in great shape
  • Ear & Eyes: Hygienically cleaned to remove wax & sleep.
  • Deodorant: Will add lustre to your dogs coat & smells great.
  • Blow Drying: Removes excess water. Your dog will be ready to cuddle & play with.
  • Doggy Treat: Your dog is rewarded after its wash with a treat.

Other Services and Products: Dog Clipping, Dog Grooming, Dog Trimming, Toys, Treats plus a range of other Pet products to help care for your dogs best well being.

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